Chronology of the Life of Barbara Hannah

August 2, 1891 Birth
1891– 1902 Early childhood in Brighton, England
1902 -1909 Adolescence in Chichester, England
1907 Death of her mother
1914-1918 Nursing duty in World War I
1918-1929 Travel and study
1929 Arrival in Zürich
January 14, 1929 First interview with C. G. Jung
1931 Death of her father
1934 Drawing of Jung's portrait
1952 First trip to America
June 6, 1967 Memorial lecture at the C. G, Jung Institute of Zürich
1968 Second trip to America for the Bailey Island Conference
1971 Publication of "Striving Toward Wholeness"
1976 Publication of "Jung, His Life and Work: A Biographical Memoir"
1981 Publication of "Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination"
September 4, 1986 Death

Lectures and Manuscripts of Barbara Hannah


"Active Imagination", record of a talk given in Zürich, September 25,1967.

"All's Well That Ends Well", Spring (1956).

"Animus Figures in Literature and Modern Life", Lecture at the C. G.Jung Institute, Zurich, 1953.

"The Beyond", lecture at the Second Bailey Island Conference, in honor of Esther Harding's 80th Birthday, August, 1968.

"Cat, Dog, and Horse Seminar", April 26, 1954.

"Ego and Shadow", lecture 85, Guild of Pastoral Psychology, London,March, 1955.

"Possession and Exorcism: Polarities of the Psyche", five lectures, 1956.

"Problem of Contact with the Animus", lecture 70, Guild of PastoralPsychology, London, February 16, 1951.

"The Problem of Women's Plots in 'The Evil Vineyard´", lecture 51,Guild of Pastoral Psychology, London, June 15, 29, 1946.

"Religious Function of the Animus in the Book of Tobit", lecture 114,Guild of Pastoral Psychology, London, October 7, 1960.

"Some Remarks on Active Imagination", Spring (1953).

“Victims of the Creative Spirit: A Contribution to the Psychology of the Brontës from the Jungian Point of View”, lecture 68, Guild of Pas­toral Psychology, London, July 21, 1950.

“Women's Plots”, lecture at the C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich, November,1970.


"Referat Uber Esther Harding's Frauenmysterium"

"The Brontes and Modern Women"

"The Evil Vineyard"

"St. Victor's Conversation with the Anima"

"A Case of Possession and Exorcism"


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